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Sep 3, 2021

Scott Poynton is an Australian forester who has spent his life supporting people to navigate often challenging journeys to a different way of living, working, and generally being in the world. This has included mediating disputes between some of the world's largest companies and NGO organizations, focused on helping protect forests and other ecosystems and to support human rights. His work has led to the protection of millions of hectares of forest and today he works to share the lessons from those processes as broadly as possible so that others can support their own change journeys.

I'm featuring this conversation under the P of Passion because first of all, Scott truly strikes me as a passionate person. But also because the work Scott is doing now, is helping people who are lost, find their passion back.

In this series of mini-episodes, you'll learn about the Story of Humane Marketing and...


  • A different way, what that means to Scott and what it means to me
  • The importance of reconnecting with nature to find our way back to passion
  • Why Scott calls himself a transition-whisperer
  • The man praying to the duck
  • Why does all of this matter for us entrepreneurs?
  • and much more.

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