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Feb 13, 2020

If setting revenue targets gives you anxiety about launching something new, you are not alone. When we put pressure on ourselves to hit a specific number by the end of a launch, we tend to forget about the people involved. So, what if we reframed the way we thought about marketing a launch? What if we focused on attracting the community we genuinely want to spend time with? What if we played to our strengths to design a launch experience we could LOVE?


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Jenny Blake is the creator of Pivot Method, a growth strategy that helps forward-thinking entrepreneurs and organizations map out what’s next. She is also a sought-after keynote speaker and host of the Pivot Podcast, a show recognized by CNBC as one of the top six podcasts to make you smarter about your career. Jenny spent two years at a tech startup in Silicon Valley and five years in Training and Career Development at Google before launching her own consulting business in 2011.


On this episode, Jenny shares the spiritual tools that made her most recent launch more relaxed and joyful. She discusses the systems and content she created that will live on long after the launch and introduces us to the idea of identifying and attracting people who energize you to your business.  Listen in for the story of Jenny’s ‘night owl’ email (sent just before the doors closed) and learn how to design a launch YOUR way, earn revenue AND serve the highest good.


In this episode you’ll learn…


  • The spiritual tools that made Jenny’s last launch more relaxed and joyful.
  • Jenny’s experience around setting revenue targets and launch goals.
  • How Jenny’s long-term marketing approach takes the pressure of a single launch.
  • How to create systems + content that live on long after a single launch.
  • How Jenny treats the sales page like a letter to an individual she wants to serve.
  • The revolutionary idea of attracting people who energize you to your business.
  • Jenny’s insight on building revenue AND serving the highest good.
  • The success of the ‘night owl’ email Jenny sent a few hours before the doors closed.
  • Jenny’s impromptu decision to offer a one-on-one call to new members.
  • How Jenny thinks about reframing the energy around a so-called ‘failed launch.’


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