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The Humane Marketing Show. A podcast for a generation of marketers who care.

Sep 23, 2021

Hello Humane Marketers!

I'm coming to you with a super quick episode today because I realized I mentioned on the last episode that I'd give you more info about the free 'Marketing Like We're Human' workshop, and then completely forgot. Or, only shared it on Social and my email list, but not here.

So we had our first workshop yesterday and it was a really beautiful and hopefully inspiring exchange. And there's another one tomorrow, Friday September 24th.

So if you're listening to this on Thursday 23rd, or Friday morning there's still time to sign up at

It's a 75 minute human experience in which you can expect good content, real humans and two free tools, one of them you already know, which is the 7Ps of Markeing.

I'll start with an explanation about why so many of us dislike marketing - and why we need to come back to doing 'Marketing Like We're Human'

We'll pause to 'see' our fellow Humans on the call and acknowledge each other. I know having the video on all day can be exhausting, but if you can turn it on even just for this moment, that would be amazing.

Then I'll share two simple and yet amazing free tools you can use to find your way back to marketing your business in a way that's aligned with your values. Both tools are free and available as a download on my site.

I'll go into more details of what 'Marketing Like We're Human' looks like and what the main ingredients are.

We'll take a detour into the human brain, to help you see the importance of using more of your right brain and making marketing more fun & joyful!

We'll end with a creative exercise to imagine this new way of marketing for ourselves. In this part we'll divide into breakout rooms so we can each share and learn from each other.

I know it's last minute, and I'm not offering a replay because I want you to really experience it. So hopefully you can join us tomorrow, it's at 1pm Swiss time, 7am New York for those early risers.

But if you can't join us, be assured I'll host it again in the not so distant future.

Go to to sign up

See you then