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Nov 22, 2019

#episode GBR12
Does it feel like you’re chasing customers? What if you could market your business in a way that simply attracts the right people into your orbit? Steven Morris believes that you can—by building a Beautiful Business around your values and the needs of the clients you serve.

Steven is the creator of the Mth Degree, a consultancy that specializes in brand strategy, organizational life and a humanized approach to marketing. In the last 25 years, Steven has worked with 250-plus global companies, including Samsung, Habitat for Humanity, New Balance, Sony and Amazon. He is dedicated to helping business leaders live and work wholeheartedly and make a positive impact in the world of their customers. Steven is also the author of Brand Love and Loyalty and Humanizing the Customer Journey.

On this episode of the Gentle Business Revolution, Steven shares his view that the core purpose of business is to provide value. He explains why it’s crucial to bring both your skill set and your humanity to the office, describing the brand evolution work he does to help leaders infuse their deeply held beliefs into their business. Steven also invites us to reframe the way we think about marketing as human-to-human storytelling that engages the emotions. Listen in to understand what characterizes a Beautiful Business and learn how you can attract customers by creating transcendent experiences.

 In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Steven’s argument that the core purpose of business is to provide value.
  • Why defining your brand purpose starts with identifying who we serve.
  • Why it’s crucial for us to bring our skill set AND our humanity to work.
  • How we can use our personal genius to make the world a better place.
  • The deep relationships that differentiate a Beautiful Business.
  • How value system alignment creates an invitation to belong.
  • Why Steven believes no business should ever CHASE customers.
  • The difference between transactions and transcendent experiences.
  • Steven’s invitation to reframe marketing as human-to-human storytelling.
  • How people make decisions using both intellect and emotion.
  • How to capture the beauty in moments of awe we create for customers.

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