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Jan 31, 2020

The traditional marketing model is built on the idea that aggressive sales methods generate instant results. And they do, in a way. But have you ever wondered what happens the next day, once the consumer realizes they were manipulated into the sale? Is there a better way to market a business that takes longer up front—but doesn’t require endless hustle to replace the customers you’ve turned off?


Tad Hargrave is the creator of Marketing for Hippies, a platform that helps conscious entrepreneurs and green businesses grow their organizations without selling their souls. Early in his career, Tad learned and applied some very inauthentic, high-pressure marketing tactics that made him feel slimy. And then he spent a decade unlearning the pushy approach and developing the refreshing and unorthodox marketing strategies he shares today in workshops all over Canada.


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On this episode, Tad defines the idea of slow marketing, explaining why it takes time to define your niche and develop a reputation. He uncovers the myth around the effectiveness of an aggressive approach to sales and explores the scarcity energy behind ‘instant results’ marketing. Listen in for Tad’s insight on designing a sales page around relevance, credibility and value and learn to write heart-centered copy that expresses both the value and values proposition of your business.


In this episode you’ll learn…


  • What inspired Tad to position himself as a marketing hippie.
  • How Tad defines slow marketing + why it takes time to develop a reputation.
  • The truth about the effectiveness of an aggressive, instant results approach.
  • The scarcity energy behind the traditional approach to marketing.
  • Why a clear niche is essential for heart-centered copywriting.
  • How to design a sales page around relevance, credibility and value.
  • Why a sales letter should be repulsive to people you don’t want to work with.
  • Tad’s pro tip re: URLs that are easy to remember.
  • The teaching function of a well-written sales letter.
  • Why your business needs both a value AND values proposition.


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