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Dec 15, 2017

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Most introverts are quite good at communicating with others and connecting with people on a deeper level. But how do you cope when that ability starts to feel overwhelming? When other people’s energy starts to intrude on your own? When you wish you could just care a little bit less?

Sensei Victoria Whitfield was born an empath. Naturally intuitive, she has always been sensitive to the emotional energy of others. But a gift like Victoria’s can come with some negative repercussions, and for years, she suffered from severe depression and emotional overwhelm. 11 years ago, she committed to studying reiki and meditation as part of a personal healing journey. As friends and family noticed a positive change in Victoria, she began to share the reiki techniques as a hobby. Eventually, a business-minded mentor encouraged her to make her passion a profession, and she has been practicing full-time since 2013.

Victoria’s business, Natural Intuition, seeks to educate and empower driven, heart-centered entrepreneurs and corporate professionals to create the life of clarity, confidence and calm they crave via holistic stress management techniques like reiki and meditation. Today she explains the fundamentals of reiki, discussing how the practice helped her cope with emotional overwhelm. She gets into the details of her business model, sharing her integrated approach to working with individuals, groups and teams both on and offline.

Victoria covers her greatest strength as an introverted entrepreneur, the ability to listen and observe, as well as her biggest challenge, that of being a ‘control enthusiast.’ And she offers advice around developing a consistent daily ritual and leveraging digital tools for accountability. Listen in and learn to use the gift of empathy without losing yourself in the process.


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In this episode you’ll learn…

  • Why Victoria uses the title of sensei.
  • The fundamentals of reiki.
  • How the study of reiki helped her cope with emotional overwhelm.
  • How Victoria’s hobby of teaching reiki evolved into a business.
  • Her diverse business model of in-person, online, one-on-one and group sessions.
  • Her integrated approach to working with teams.
  • How Victoria leverages her personal default to listen and observe as an introverted entrepreneur.
  • The significance of listening to yourself, to others and to spirit.
  • How connecting to nature gives her a sense of comfort, inspiration and wonder.
  • The challenge around being a ‘control enthusiast’ and the long steady process of letting go.
  • How developing a consistent daily ritual allows Victoria to get into the productivity zone.
  • How she employs the WinStreak app to take massive action in her business.
  • The way Jeff Walker’s book allowed her to see introversion as a strength.

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Natural Intuition Now: Uplevel Your Life by Awakening Your Innate Spiritual Senses by Sensei Victoria Whitfield

Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula to Sell Almost Anything Online, Build a Business You Love, and Live the Life of Your Dreams by Jeff Walker

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