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Jun 21, 2019

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Would you rather have a meaningful one-on-one conversation? Or make small talk with a large group of people? Do you prefer building strong relationships with a few people? Or having lots of friends that you know on a surface level? Most introverts favor real, deep relationships over superficial ones. And the good news is, you can leverage that preference to develop systems for marketing your business—without attending networking events!

Steve Gordon is the founder of The Unstoppable CEO, the premiere business growth program for professional service firms. Steve’s team supports clients in building marketing systems that consistently attract clients—without having to sell. At just 28, Steve was named CEO of an engineering firm and tasked with business development. He learned sales and marketing out of necessity and succeeded in growing the company’s revenue by 10X. Steve leveraged those skills to start his own marketing firm, consulting with businesses across 30 industries to design sales systems for high-ticket products and services. He is also a prolific author and host of The Unstoppable CEO Podcast.

Today, Steve shares his systems approach to sales, explaining how he uses podcasting to foster powerful business relationships. He describes his unique ability to combine, simplify and translate ideas for others to understand and implement as well as his challenge around staying in communication with his team. Steve also weighs in on growing confidence intentionally, discussing how to build self-belief by pushing the boundaries of what you can do. Listen in for Steve’s insight on acting with purity of intent to build long-term client relationships and learn how to take advantage of your natural inclination as an introvert to market your business!

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • Steve’s baptism by fire as the CEO of a geomatics consulting firm.
  • How Steve has built systems for marketing to replace networking.
  • How Steve uses podcasting to build strong business relationships.
  • Why automated email systems must be used in the right context.
  • Steve’s unique ability to combine, simplify and translate ideas.
  • Steve’s challenge around staying in communication with his team.
  • The AHA moment Steve realized he could build a business quickly.
  • Steve’s insight on how to grow your confidence intentionally.
  • How 20 minutes of reading every morning gives Steve perspective.
  • How Steve leverages Pipedrive to schedule appointments.
  • The Talk Triggers framework for creating unique client experiences.
  • How acting with purity of intent builds lasting client relationships.


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