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Jul 5, 2019

Too many online entrepreneurs think of the internet as a broadcast tool, a place to blast a new product or program launch at scale. And then we’re surprised when conversion rates are low. What if we reframe the digital marketing space as a place to build relationships and establish trust with an audience first—and THEN launch our product or service when prospects are ready? What if we could use our natural ability as introverts to build deep relationships and convert with compassion?


Kate Boyd is the Chief Launch Strategist at Cobblestone Creative, a boutique digital marketing agency designed to bring more creativity and genuine connection to the digital marketing space. An expert in crafting high-conversion product and program launches, Kate’s sales experiences sell at five times the standard rate. Her signature system, Conversion with Compassion, helps entrepreneurs use human-driven communication to get the right message to the right people at the right time.   


Today, Kate shares her signature approach to online marketing, Conversion with Compassion. She explains why the internet is more than a broadcast tool, describing how it can be used for creating connection and building deep relationships. Kate also offers insight into how her introversion enhances her ability to communicate in writing and connect the dots for her clients. Listen in for Kate’s take on providing value before you ask to receive and learn how to create a digital marketing campaign that converts—and aligns with your values as a conscious entrepreneur!


In this episode you’ll learn…


  • Kate’s ability to observe, communicate in writing, and build deep relationships.
  • How Kate earns revenue with done-for-you services and her signature course.
  • Why Kate believes the internet is meant for creating connection.
  • How Kate’s Conversion with Compassion system builds trust prior to a launch.
  • Kate’s strength in active listening and connecting the dots for her clients.
  • Kate’s ongoing struggle with being the face of the company.
  • The AHA moment Kate learned to rely on her own intelligence and skills.
  • The morning routine and mindset work that helps Kate stay grounded.
  • How Kate leverages G Suite tools to communicate with clients + her team.
  • How McKeown’s Essentialism inspired Kate to prioritize what really matters.
  • Kate’s take on marketing with integrity as giving before you ask to receive.


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Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

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