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The Humane Marketing Show. A podcast for a generation of marketers who care.

Apr 12, 2019

Welcome to the 14th muse on the Introvert Biz Growth podcast, the show where I talk to introverts who grow their business and make a difference.

I’m Sarah Santacroce, your host.

It’s time for another muse episode, unedited, raw content. No intro music. No bells and whistles.

I share these muses to make you think, to inspire you, to break the rules and to invite you to be part of the Gentle Business Revolution.

In muse 13, two weeks ago I shared my vision of The Gentle Business Revolution and invited you to join its Gentle Business Alliance. Go back to that episode if you’ve missed.

Today’s episode is focused on Anxiety-Free Marketing, the building block of The Gentle Business Revolution.

The main mission of the Gentle Business Revolution is to bring more kindness and empathy to the business world. And who says business, says marketing. And as you might know, I’ve been part of this Online Marketing world for over a decade.

So it was clear to me that the way we could bring more gentleness to the business world would have to start with a different way of marketing.

I've been wearing a mask in marketing for many years.

I've lost track of my authenticity countless times in an effort to blend in, to belong, to succeed.

I was marketing my business wearing a Chameleon Suit.

That suit gave me comfort, because it was fitting for any kind of situation, any kind of client.

And with that suit on, I was so adaptable: I blindly followed advice of all the big marketing gurus out there. I tried a little bit of everything. I changed my color depending on the situation.

But no more

I’m sick and tired of faking it. And I’m sick and tired of seeing other people fake it and using manipulation in marketing.

I decided it was time for a different approach!

A way to market my business authentically & with integrity.

According to my values & beliefs.

A gentle & kind way.

Without anxiety.

Without fear of how other people will think of me.

And that's what I'd like to share with you.

In January of this year I launched the building block of The Gentle Business Revolution, a new kind of marketing program that I called Anxiety-Free Marketing.

10 brave souls took me up on my invite and joined me on this journey. We spent 10 weeks together, we laughed, we cried, we co-created a marketing paradigm shift, a holistic way to market ourselves.

Leisa Peterson, who’s also my personal business coach was one of the participants and I’m excited to share this interview with her where she shares her experience.

Interview with Leisa

Well, I just announced a 2nd beta round of Anxiety-Free Marketing and here’s why:

  1. I see this as my life’s work, together with the Gentle Business Revolution. So if this is supposed to have the impact I want it to have, I know I need to co-create this program together with the ideal client. Too many times have I just created something because I thought there was a need, and then have it be a complete flop.
  2. When my mom and I looked at my astrology themes for this year ‘Learning’ was the big one. And boy am I learning. I’m learning to trust in the process. I’m learning to not be perfect. I’m learning what people yearn for. I’m learning that sometimes showing up is good enough. I’m learning to open my heart and let people in. I’m learning to accept myself just the way I am. And it’s all good.


So let me tell you a bit more about Anxiety-Free Marketing

Anxiety-Free MarketingTM is a different kind of marketing program.

It is a 8-week live virtual training program that reveals an unconventional approach to marketing so that you can grow a successful business that is no longer kept small by fear of what others think.

It is designed to not only help you grow your business with ethical marketing practices but also create a more meaningful life – and make the world a better place.

Anxiety-Free Marketing is based on a re-modeled version of the 7P’s of Marketing.  

This new model is represented in the form of a Mandala, with ourselves in the middle so we can market from within. Why a Mandala ? Because when I looked at the traditional version of the 7Ps and thought that I want to represent marketing as a process coming from within ourselves, this visual of a Mandala came to me. I had been coloring mandalas in the past, so it was intriguing me to do more research.

I spoke to some experts and took a course on Mandalas and finally came up with my own representation of the 7Ps of Marketing in the form of a Mandala. My son drew it for me and everything in AFM is now based on this Mandala, even the logo. What I like about it is that the definition of a mandala is that it’s a creative process. It is creative process that brings us closer to centre.

Mandalas are also described as cosmic diagrams - attempting to represent the essential elements of the macrocosm in an ordered, coherent manner.

Exactly. All the 7Ps (Passion, Personal Power, People, Product, Pricing, Promotion and Partnerships) are essential elements of anxiety-free marketing. And we as the marketer are the center. We market from within.

In AFM we cover each of the Ps in one module, oscillating back and forth between the being and the doing, the inner work and the outer work.

Who is it for?

It is for Heart-centered entrepreneurs who feel anxiety around marketing their business AND Entrepreneurs who are tired of the traditional marketing model and are ready for a paradigm shift.

This is not a beginner course, it applies to all levels, whether you’re just starting out or have been in business since 20 years.

So if any of this speaks to you, I’d love to have you join us for this 2nd beta round and help to co-create this marketing paradigm shift.

We start on May 6th and you can find out all the details on I’m also hosting a free 1-Page Marketing Plan workshop on April 26th if you’d like to attend that one first. Details are on the same page at

And if you’re listening to this podcast after May 6th you can still visit because I will turn this into an online program with video content that gives you access to attend one of the live courses in either January or September.

So visit now or send me an email to for more info.


Thanks for listening.