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Oct 8, 2021

Today's conversation fits under the 6th P, the P of Promotion. I'm talking to Ruth Poundwhite, my new go-to person for all things email marketing. This conversation focused on doing email marketing with ease.

Ruth is a mega introvert - and proud of it! She is a certified coach, NLP practitioner & feminist marketer who supports highly sensitive humans to scale their businesses without sacrificing who they are. She is particularly passionate about helping women to trust in themselves to build businesses that prioritize both their physical and mental wellbeing. Her book, Quietly Ambitious, is scheduled for release later this year.

In this episode, you'll learn about doing email marketing with ease and...

  • How she built her entire business using email marketing
  • Whether we really need a big list
  • Specific examples to get more subscribers, the gentle way
  • How to write 'nice' sales emails
  • How to bring your values into your emails
  • The power of the P.S.
  • and much more...

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