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Oct 15, 2021

Today's conversation fits under the 7th P, the P of Partnership. I'm talking to Zaynub Parker, a South-Africa-based NLP and Life Coach. Our conversation focused on finding commonalities with Ubuntu, the South-African philosophy that highlights community and unity.

If you have followed my rebranding journey from Gentle marketing to Humane Marketing you know that Ubuntu was one of the words I looked at very closely as it really represents what this new way of marketing means to me. This idea of shared humanity is so deep. And if we understand that we are all one, we'll approach our businesses in a completely different way that is not just about winning, not just about profits but it's really about having a common goal.

So I'm so thrilled to be able to talk to Zaynub today. As a woman of color, who grew up in South Africa, she embodies the term Ubuntu through and through.

In this episode, you'll learn about finding commonalities with Ubuntu and...

  • The meaning of Ubuntu
  • Zaynub's experience of Ubuntu it in her childhood
  • The importance of community
  • How Zaynub became the first-ever female air traffic controller in South Africa
  • How she today uses Ubuntu in her work to inspire heartfelt leadership and community building through shared visions
  • and much more...

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