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The Humane Marketing Show. A podcast for a generation of marketers who care.

Nov 11, 2021

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Hello Humane Marketers!

It's almost time. We just submitted the Selling Like We're Human book to Amazon today and it should be available as of this weekend.

To celebrate the launch, coinciding with tomorrow's worldwide Kindness day, I'm hosting a free Selling Like We're Human workshop on Monday, Nov 15.

It's a 75 minute human experience in which you can expect good content, real humans and two new free tools to work on your relationship with selling.

I'll give you an introduction to what 'Selling Like We're Human' looks like - and what the main ingredients are

We'll pause to 'see' our fellow Humans on the call and acknowledge each other. I know having the video on all day can be exhausting, but if you can turn it on even just for this moment, that would be amazing.

We'll take a detour into your client's head to find out more about their anti-hero. This helps us with perspective-taking. For this, we'll go into small break-out rooms so you can share with others, get feedback and learn from their perspective.

We'll pause for a Serene Garden meditation.

We'll end with a creative exercise, using a simple and yet amazing free tool to design your Gentle Sales Path.

If what you hear resonates, I'll invite you to read my book Selling Like We're Human or join us in our Humane Marketing Circle

I'll mention the Marketing Like You're Human Program in January 2022. 1 slide. Not a lengthy pitch.

I'm not offering a replay because I want you to really experience it. So hopefully you can join us

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It takes place this Monday, Nov 15th, 2pm Swiss time, 1pm UK, and that's 8 am Eastern.

I'll host it again with different times to accomodate different time zones.

I hope to see you there.