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Dec 1, 2016

[spp-player url=""] Lou Bortone is a Video Marketing expert and online branding consultant who helps entrepreneurs and service professionals build breakthrough brands on the Internet, so they can have more visibility, credibility and profitability. Lou delivers innovative online branding strategies, including video marketing coaching and consulting. He is a former television executive who worked for E! Entertainment Television and Fox in Los Angeles. He is also an author and ghostwriter of six business books, a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach and a Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach. [spp-player url=""]

In this episode you’ll learn :

  • How he found out that even if you’re camera shy you can become known in your niche by using video.
  • How for introverts it's easier to do video marketing than networking.
  • How he says writing and creativity help when doing video.

3 Golden Nuggets:

  • Persistence (some may call it stubbornness) and resilience allow him to bounce back when there are setbacks.
  • Favorite tools: & for video emails. Adobe Spark (cool animated videos) and Animoto (photo-video montages) for doing videos while not being on camera.
  • Book: Delivered from distraction by Edward M. Hallowell

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