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May 18, 2018

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Do you have the grit to keep pushing outside your comfort zone on a consistent basis? Networking and sales rarely make the introverted entrepreneur’s list of ‘favorite things,’ but we do have strengths that can be leveraged to succeed at both—if we push ourselves and exercise the right approach.

Melitta Campbell had just received a promotion at Europe’s largest bank when she left the corporate world to spend more time with her newborn daughter. She built a thriving career as a freelance writer, and things were going well… Until they weren’t. Melitta realized that she was still trading time for money, and the stress of working on projects for some of the world’s largest organizations and up-and-coming entrepreneurs was impacting her health.

That’s when Melitta started her home-based wellness business, selling the very products that helped her to regain her own vitality. Today, she has added a coaching element to her business model, and she is empowering other women to enjoy more income, balance and fulfillment through home-based businesses. Melitta is also the author of The Shy Girls Guide to Networking, and she shares health, self-development and home business tips and inspiration through her blog and public speaking engagements.

On this episode of Introvert Biz Growth, Melitta shares her approach to sales, explaining how the patience to develop personal relationships helps introverts succeed in building a strong customer-base. She addresses the growth of the coaching aspect of her business, discussing what she’s learned from the 100 clients she supported over the last three years. Melitta offers insight around her consistent ability to push outside her comfort zone and describes a few of the hacks she leverages to make networking easier. Listen in for Melitta’s advice on creating social media buzz and learn why she believes that knowledge is most powerful when shared with others.


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In this episode you’ll learn…

  • Why Melitta left the corporate world when she became a mom.
  • Melitta’s shift from freelancing to building a home-based business.
  • How the products Melitta sells helped her get her own vitality back.
  • How Melitta developed a second income stream through coaching.
  • Melitta’s secret introverted approach to sales.
  • Why Melitta’s introverted coaching clients tend to be more successful.
  • The grit Melitta leverages to consistently push outside her comfort zone.
  • Melitta’s weakness of finding excuses not to attend networking events.
  • How introverts benefit from organizing networking events.
  • Melitta’s advice around partnering with an extrovert at networking events.
  • The resource that helps Melitta create social media buzz.
  • Why Melitta believes that knowledge is most powerful when it’s shared.

Melitta’s favorite quote

"Quiet people have the loudest minds.” ~ Stephen Hawking

"The secret to life is to put yourself in the right lighting. For some it’s a Broadway spotlight, for others, a lamplit desk.” ~ Susan Cain

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