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Jun 7, 2019


As conscious, introverted entrepreneurs, many of us struggle with pricing. We want to be fair and make our offerings accessible, but we also need to build a sustainable business that will thrive for the long-term. So, how do we develop an awareness of our current money mindset? And how do we shift that mindset to determine pricing that serves our community AND pays the bills?

Kelly McCausey is the creator of Love People + Make Money, a business built on the idea that sinking your roots deep into a community and addressing their needs leads to profit. When she got her start as a solopreneur 17 years ago, Kelly charged too little for her time. Before long, though, she learned smarter ways to build an income online. Now, she serves as a business coach and event host, helping others leverage content marketing and community building to design profitable businesses of their own.

Today, Kelly explains how pursuing her curiosity led to the creation of a thriving online business. She shares her philosophy around meeting the needs of a community to create profit and offers insight into the identity crisis that inspired her recent rebrand. Kelly also weighs in on creating introvert-friendly live events through self-directed time and reflects on the AHA moment that shifted her mindset around money. Listen in to understand how Kelly leverages a daily creation statement to generate results and learn how to build a profitable business within your particular zone of genius!

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • How Kelly’s curiosity led to her pioneering internet radio show.
  • Kelly’s 17 years of experience in the realm of online business.
  • Kelly’s take on meeting the needs of a community to create profit.
  • The identity crisis that led to the rebranding of Kelly’s business.
  • Why Kelly focuses on content marketing and community building.
  • The diverse offerings that afford Kelly multiple income streams.
  • The concept of Private Label Rights and Kelly’s two PLR brands.
  • How Kelly designs live events to feel really natural and familiar.
  • The introvert-friendly nature of events that build in self-directed time.
  • The AHA moment that shifted Kelly’s mindset around money.
  • Kelly’s daily practice of writing an intentional creation statement.
  • How Kelly uses the transcription feature on the Voxer app.
  • How The Big Leap inspired Kelly to work in her zone of genius.

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