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Dec 6, 2019

Podcasting is an intimate medium. Listeners feel as if they know the hosts they listen to regularly, and they tend to be engaged and loyal. But building your own show requires big-time commitment and consistency. So, what if you could tap into established podcast audiences by guesting on shows designed for listeners you can serve?

Tom Schwab is the CEO of Interview Valet, the leader in podcast interview marketing. He is dedicated to helping clients get more traffic, leads and raving customer-fans through guesting on targeted podcasts. Tom is also the host of Podcast Guest Profits, a show focused on growing your business by getting in on the conversation where your ideal customers are already listening.

On this episode, Tom explains how his hypothesis around the parallels between guest blogging and podcast guesting led to the creation of Interview Valet. He shares the statistics around podcast listenership, discussing how to establish a human connection with a podcast audience and how guesting can help you connect with better leads. Listen in for Tom’s insight on turning podcast listeners into clients and learn how to prepare for guesting on a podcast to market your business!

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • The parallels between guest blogging and podcast guesting.
  • The statistics around podcast listenership and downloads.
  • Why podcast listeners tend to be more engaged and loyal.
  • The benefits of podcast guesting vs. hosting your own show.
  • How to establish a human connection with the audience.
  • How podcast guesting can help you find better leads.
  • Tom’s advice on how to prepare for guesting on a podcast.
  • The value of storytelling in the podcast medium.
  • The 3 types of people podcast hosts invite to be guests.
  • Tom’s insight on building relationships over transactions.
  • Tom’s 3-tiered approach to turning listeners into clients.
  • How Tom thinks about marketing with empathy + integrity.


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