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Dec 12, 2021

This episode is part of a 12 days of Christmas read-along of the Selling Like We're Human book, recorded in 2021.

The book follows a similar concept to what you're already used to here on the Humane Marketing show with the 7Ps of Humane Marketing and the Marketing Like We're Human book: we start with the being and then go into the doing.

The 3 parts of the Selling Like We're Human book are : Being, Knowing and Doing (compared to Rumble, Rise and Resonate of the Marketing Like We're Human book)

Together we can reinvent Selling

Today I'm reading a small section of Part 5 called Together we can reinvent Selling



Excerpt from Selling Like We're Human, Part 5 called Together we can reinvent Selling


The Potential for the Future

“To sell is human,” said Daniel H. Pink, and I agree. By adding an e to the
end of “human,” we also make it humane, gentle, and kind! That’s the way it
was always supposed to be, and we’re slowly finding our way back to it.
We are being asked to reinvent the way we do business, the way we market,
and the way we sell.
Besides that human interaction, there’s a new societal and environmental
factor to be considered. It’s our responsibility as Humane Sellers to consider
the triple wins at every sale.

Here is the potential for the future:
• A world where selling is ethical, transparent, and sustainable.
• A world where money is not the only way we measure impact.
• A world where selling doesn’t rely on manipulation and shady
persuasion techniques.
• A world where salespeople do the right thing because they also want
to sleep well at night.
• A world where entrepreneurs who use ethical selling are the ones
that not only make the biggest impact; they also make the most
money. And they use that money to make the world a better place.
Humane Selling will contribute to making it a reality.

The Humane Creed

>> Download a beautiful pdf of this Creed to share on Social Media

We run our business to make a positive difference and to support ourselves
Similar to B Corporations, we balance purpose and profit. We are here to
serve, but we are not martyrs. We are in business.
We embrace gentleness throughout our business.
We treat clients, potential clients, and employees with kindness and empathy.
Being gentle doesn’t mean that we’re pushovers.
We believe in integrity and authenticity.
We just want to be ourselves in order to do our best work. We don’t use
authenticity as a buzzword. It just means that we show up as who we are, in
We cultivate community.
In order to build a sustainable business, we invest in creating community, not
just systems.
We ensure fairness.
We care deeply about creating win-win-win situations. Win for the world,
win for our clients, and win for ourselves.
We make the world a better place.
Everything we do aims to make this world we live in a better place: our
products and services, our relationships, our communications.
We align who we are with what we do.
We don’t change who we are in order to do what we do. We’re the real deal.
We aim to bring back the human connection marketing and selling.
As much as we love technology, we always prioritize the human connection
in our marketing and selling activities.
We approach marketing and selling from a place of abundance.
We know that there is an abundance of clients waiting for us.
We are gentle visioneers.
We are part visionaries, part pioneers. We are a new species of gentle souls
who reinvent marketing and selling.

>> Download a beautiful pdf of this Creed to share on Social Media

This excerpt is from Part 5 called Together we can reinvent Selling

If what you heard today resonates with you and made you curious about the book, I invite you to get your copy of the new Selling Like You're Human book at You can also download the whole 1st chapter for free to see if it resonates.

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