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Nov 3, 2017

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At times, introverts feel pressured to act like extroverts for the sake of acceptance. But Kamila Gornia argues that owning what makes you different and marketing those unique qualities provide the key to creating a successful, sustainable business.

Kamila moved to the US from Poland at the age of 13. Desperate to assimilate, she hid the pieces of herself that were not ‘normal,’ and made some poor choices in the name of acceptance and approval. Her introverted tendency to hide and do her own thing pushed against her need to be liked, and Kamila struggled. She started to find her way back to herself in young adulthood as her entrepreneurial spirit led her to start her own photography business as well as a health blog.

Through those projects, Kamila began to recognize her natural affinity for marketing and eventually started her own coaching business. Today she is the Blow Up, Scale Up marketing strategist who helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses and become online leaders. She is passionate about teaching her clients and community how to leverage their own natural abilities and personalities into strategic marketing campaigns.

On this episode, Kamila explains how she generates income via a diverse array of revenue streams. She speaks to the benefits of being curious and self-aware and the risk around getting too comfortable with being alone. Listen in to learn about the email marketing tools available to online entrepreneurs and how to own your uniqueness and build a thriving business!


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In this episode you’ll learn…

  • How moving to the States at 13 affected Kamila.
  • Her obsession with assimilation and acceptance.
  • Her early entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • How Kamila came to recognize and own her facility for marketing.
  • Her mission to give clients the tools to create thriving businesses.
  • How introversion is viewed differently in the US versus Europe.
  • Kamila’s focus on working with groups (i.e.: mastermind, accelerator).
  • How she generates revenue through courses, events, retreats and a membership site.
  • Why she prefers to work with small groups over one-on-one clients.
  • How confidence plays into Kamila’s ease in interacting with people.
  • How she leverages the introverted tendency to be curious and self-aware.
  • The danger of getting too comfortable with being alone.
  • How her ‘medium woo’ morning routine creates the foundation for her day.
  • The benefits of Infusionsoft as an email marketing and CRM platform.
  • How Be Obsessed or Be Average motivates Kamila with the ‘no excuses’ mentality.
  • Why she is inspired by her clients’ commitment to their work.

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Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain





Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone

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