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Jun 3, 2016

Today I'm talking to Tara Gentile about strategies to leverage your quiet power. We chat about how she's used her introverted super powers, for her mostly her ability to observe & listen, to create a thriving business with several revenue streams.

Tara Gentile is the founder of Quiet Power Strategy®, a company specializing in hands-on business training for idea-driven entrepreneurs. She’s passionate about helping people with smart ideas make more money, reach new audiences, and live life with ease. Tara is the author of The Art of Earning, Quiet Power Strategy, and The Observation Engine. She’s the host of Profit. Power. Pursuit. a podcast that goes behind-the-scenes of the real grit, administration, and logistics of running a successful business. Tara’s work has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Inc, and the Huffington Post. She’s a regular instructor on CreativeLive and speaks on entrepreneurship, money, and marketing all over the world.
Tara's favorite quote
"You should always go where there is a you-shaped hole in the world." -- Lena Dunham
In this episode you’ll learn :

that Tara might be an introvert, but she definitely doesn't come over like one online
about her core revenue streams (more than 4!)
that a team is essential if you want to grow your business
how Tara uses her observer and listener skills to deliver products that sell
how overthinking things is not always a good thing :-)

Grab the 3 Golden Nuggets

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Other links and resources mentioned in this episode:
Profit. Power. Pursuit., Tara's Podcast
Find Tara at or at
Quiet Power Strategy, Tara's book

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