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The Humane Marketing Show. A podcast for a generation of marketers who care.

Feb 23, 2024

In today’s episode, we’re diving into the world of pitching, but not as you know it. Forget the dread and discomfort often associated with pitching; with our guest, Rachel Allen, we’re exploring how to turn it into a process of genuine connection and growth.

You’ll discover why pitching feels challenging, how to...

Feb 16, 2024

Allow me a moment to share a bit of context and details about the Marketing Like We’re Human aka The Client Resonator program that's starting again on March 14th. This is my flagship 3month program that is tightly linked to this podcast, because it follows the same framework: the 7Ps of the Humane Marketing Mandala....

Feb 9, 2024

In today's episode I’m welcoming Melissa Davis to talk about how to get clarity and direction in our business by knowing our values. We delve into the crucial process of translating our values into tangible actions and enabling us to authentically 'walk our talk.'

Join us as we explore how this deep reflection on...