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Dec 11, 2021

This episode is part of a 12 days of Christmas read-along of the Selling Like We're Human book, recorded in 2021.

The book follows a similar concept to what you're already used to here on the Humane Marketing show with the 7Ps of Humane Marketing and the Marketing Like We're Human book: we start with the being and then go into the doing.

The 3 parts of the Selling Like We're Human book are : Being, Knowing and Doing (compared to Rumble, Rise and Resonate of the Marketing Like We're Human book)

Beyond Business and Selling

Today I'm reading a small section of Part 4 called Beyond Business and Selling



Excerpt from Selling Like We're Human, Part 4 called Beyond Business and Selling

As entrepreneurs, we know that business is never just about business.
Adopting Humane Selling will not only impact how you feel about making
offers and having gentle sales conversations, it will change the way you relate
to other human beings and it will probably also change your priorities.
Because once you know who you really are and you are okay with that, when
you feel grounded in your worth and know the value of what you offer, then
you are ready to show up as your true self—no masks—and have a beautiful
conversation with other human beings. Whether that is in a sales
conversation, at a yoga retreat, in the line at the grocery store, or with your
partner, it doesn’t matter.
But here’s a little word of warning: the work won’t be done by just reading
this book. Inner work is an ongoing thing. You’ll have good days and then
you’ll have setbacks where you will have to go back to remind yourself of your
truth, your values, your worth. Just going through the #anchors of the book
will help on those days when self-doubt takes over.


In the spring of 2020, after having run The Gentle Marketing
Revolution Program (now called the ‘Marketing Like We’re Human’
program) with three live beta groups in 2019, I wanted to host it again.
After a free five-day Gentle Marketing Intensive, I planned to gently
lead people into the sales conversations. There was plenty of interest in
the free intensive, and almost 200 people signed up. But guess what?
Not even one person signed up for the paid program!

Of course you could blame Covid. But not really. In fact, May 2020
would have been a great time to attend an online program. So no,
it wasn’t that. It was some other timing factor: people just weren’t
ready for that message in 2020.
Did it hurt? Of course it did! Luckily, I had my tools and rituals to
go back to that reminded me of my worth, even without a single

Considerations, Tools, and Rituals to Help You Integrate


Some of these practices may be too woo-woo for you. :-) Just pick those that
you’re comfortable with.
Box Breathing
If you’re nervous before getting on a sales conversation, try box breathing. It’s
an easy breathing technique that immediately calms down your nervous
system and helps you relax and re-center.
Here’s how it works:
Step 1: Find a comfortable position (seated or lying down).
Step 2: Inhale for four seconds. Belly expands.
Step 3: Hold the air in your lungs for four seconds.
Step 4: Exhale for four seconds, emptying all of the air in your lungs. Belly
Step 5: Hold your lungs empty for four seconds.
Step 6: Repeat for five minutes, or as long as necessary to feel refocused and
I like to visualize the four sides of a square (2D box?) to help me remember
where I’m at with my inhales and exhales.

Talking about visualization … If that’s your thing, you could also visualize
your Serene Garden and the beautiful conversation you’re about to have with
your client. Visualize it as if it already is so. If you’re like me and appreciate
some help with the visualization process, look for the guided meditation called
“The Secret Garden” on the free Insight Timer meditation app.

This excerpt is from Part 4 called Beyond Business and Selling

If what you heard today resonates with you and made you curious about the book, I invite you to get your copy of the new Selling Like You're Human book at You can also download the whole 1st chapter for free to see if it resonates.

And I'm also planting a seed about my 'Marketing Like We're Human' program that I'll run in its live edition starting at the end of January 2022. This is where we take all these concepts from the two books as well as the 7Ps of Humane Marketing to a much much deeper level in an intimate group learning experience. Find out more at

Get your copy of the 'Selling Like We're Human' book !

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